Character Education

As per Wake County Board of Education Policy 3530, every school will have programs and activities that support efforts to develop good character.  The PTA partners with the school counselors to administer the character education program at Highcroft Drive.

Character education volunteers are responsible for presenting a classroom character lesson once per month.  Lesson plans are provided and include discussion and fun activities centered on that month's character trait.

As part of the character education initiative, Character Kids is a school-wide program that recognizes each month two students from every classroom who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating behaviors associated with the character trait of the month.  Character Kids are nominated by their teachers and recognized in classroom celebrations in front of their peers. 

Monthly Character Traits

September: Responsibility 
Being dependable in carrying out obligations and duties.  Showing reliability and consistency in words and conduct.  Being accountable for your own actions.  Being committed to active involvement in your community. 

October: Respect 
Showing high regard for authority, for other people, for self, for property, and for country.  Understanding that all people have value as human beings. 

November: Courage 
Having the determination to do the right thing even when others don’t; the strength to follow your conscience rather than the crowd.  Attempting difficult things that are worthwhile. 

January: Integrity
Having the inner strength to be truthful, trustworthy, and honest in all things.  Acting justly and honorably.

February: Self-Discipline
Demonstrating hard work and commitment to purpose. Regulating yourself for improvement and refraining from inappropriate behaviors. Being in proper control of your words, actions, impulses and desires.  Choosing abstinence from premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances and behaviors.  Doing your best in all situations.

March: Kindness 
Being considerate, courteous, helpful, and understanding of others.  Showing care, compassion, friendship, and generosity.  Treating others as you would like to be treated.

April: Good Judgment 
Choosing worthy goals and setting proper priorities.  Thinking through the consequences of your actions.  Basing decisions on practical wisdom and good sense.

May: Perseverance 
Being persistent in pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of difficulties, opposition, or discouragement.  Exhibiting patience and having the fortitude to try again when confronted with delays, mistakes, or failures.

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